M E D I A 
 T R A I N I N G 

Being confident in front of the camera and on the radio is vitally important as it represents your brand.

We offer Media Training to individuals or whole teams. ​Training can last from one day to a week depending on how much you want out of the service and the amount of media you will be exposed to. 


Our aim is to make you confident, relaxed and have a clear message when exposed to media outlets. We guarantee to calm those nerves and teach you the best techniques and responses when you and your business are in the hot seat! 

Our media training courses are run by owner Will Spalding. Will has a wealth of experience and a network of fellow professionals to support you and your business.


All our courses have an emphasis on improving  effective communication techniques. Will can help tailor the way you present, specific to your industry. 

      Areas of training include: 

  • Preparation 

  • How to deliver your key points 

  • How to answer difficult questions 

  • Calm under pressure 

  • Don’t be shy of the camera 

  • Being an expert in your field 

We work directly with clients, PR companies and internal PR departments. 

With more and more businesses using  video social media, and embracing TV and radio. It is a great opportunity to learn new techniques and make the most of what social media can offer for your business.

Being confident in front of the camera allows you to express passion for your business, rather than being a corporate zombie! 


We offer a number of different packages  within our media training  and these come under the following headings.

​ ​​

  1.  Media Training 

  2.  Presentation Training

  3.  Social Media Training